Gutter Cleaning

We know for a fact that over half the gutters in Adelaide are very poorly cleaned and unfortunately in some cases, have never been cleaned at all.


Not only does this make properties look unattractive, it causes damage to gutter systems and ultimately to the homes that they are meant to protect.


Cleaning gutters can be dangerous due to heights, exposed or corroded metal combined with poor visibility. By choosing a professional gutter cleaner such as Hills Garden Service you’re not only protecting your property, you’re protecting yourself or someone you care about.


You can rest assured when we clean your gutters that they will be completely cleared, free of any blockages.


We will not only provide you with a report, but we’ll give you photos to back it up.


Don’t risk serious injury or worse, get our professional team to take care of this dangerous job for you.


Get in touch with us today to get a quote. We’re looking forward to hearing from you.


Hills Garden Service specialise in mowing and edging, yard clean ups and general maintenance, gutter cleaning, trimming and pruning, weeding and mulching, and garden make over. We can give you a free quote today, so call us today: 0417 287 036